Friday, March 11, 2016

Eyeing Spidey's New Suit

In an attempt not to get jaded by all the amazing stuff Hollywood is throwing at us lately, I'm purposely not watching a lot of promotional material. However, when I heard Spider-man is in the new Civil War trailer, I couldn't help but sneak a peek at that part at least. So, here we have it:

I'm not totally feeling the black elements yet and the chest emblem seems rather small, but overall this is a pretty gnarly suit. Which, despite the modern elements, retains a classic feel to it. Now, this would have been a sufficiently cool reveal, but no. There's more.

Damn. Did you see that? That's some straight up Ditko shit right there. I'm loving it. Between this guy's and Deadpool's eyes and Batman's look in Batman v Superman, it looks like we're entering an age of superhero flicks where the protagonists look like they're walking right off the comic book pages. Halleluja!

Warner Brothers has released a high resolution image that tells us even more about the new suit:

One of the things this image shows us is how the eyes work; the black part is made up of several layers that overlap each other. The webbing is shown to be more intricate than previously assumed while the belt look even more minimalist, the shade of red look more true to the character, the emblem looks very Avengers-esque and the blue parts seem to be made from a slightly different material than the red parts.

(Screenshots property of Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Studios, Walt Disney. And Marvel Comics? Probably? I dunno)

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