Thursday, February 18, 2016

X-Files S10 Episode 1 Mini Review

The episode starts out with a opening monologue by Mulder, explaining what everyone should already know by now. The rest of the episode feel awesomely classic. The conversations carry the proper weight and sucks the viewer right in. Though that might have come at the cost of humour, of which there was little to go around. Mulder looks scruffy, in accordance with the plot, which creates the danger of Duchovny looking like Hank Moody. This effect was averted early on in the episode however when Mulder declines a drink. His acting, of course, also doesn't play a small part in bringing us back ten years. Gillian Anderson is equally enjoyable on screen and delivers some of the most poignant lines of the episode. Impressive when you consider she's the one not suggesting vast conspiracies. Her hair seems inconsistent throughout the episode. A superficial observation of course, but none the less odd for such a big production. The end of the episode is highly satisfying, I'm definitely tuning in for the next episode.

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