Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Examening DCCU's Wonder Woman logo

This, for all five of you who don't already know, is Wonder Woman's usual logo:

DC Comics
Pretty rad, right? The wings make it look like something you could pin on a leather jacket. Timeless, simple, easily recognizable, classic.

With such an iconic logo, the wait to see what others might do with it is always a bit tensive. Well, if you share my interest in both superheroes and logos at least. Here's a logo that did its rounds on certain websites (I won't name any names) as Wonder Woman's logo in the DC Cinematic Universe:

Rainfall Films
However, this logo turned out to be completely fan made. For this fan short, to be precise. I'm still showing it because it's a cool logo. The eagle that was originally shown on Wonder Woman's chest emblem is craftily merged with the W's while the long wingspan of the eagle gives it a sense of authority.

This is what Warner's graphic department actually came up with (sorry for the poor quality, will replace with hi-res version as soon as I menage to actually find one):

Warner Brothers, DC Comics
Well, it's not terrible. It's definitely Wonder Woman -esque and it rightfully banks on the recognizability of the original. It also incorporates the eagle, which is nice. It's not exactly perfect either though. It looks overly complicated (too layered) in my opinion and the wings looks awkwardly short, making the logo needlessly buff.
It does have one major upside: it looks awesome as all hell in stencil form:
Warner Brothers, DC Comics
Granted, the graphic designer behind this poster wisely simplified the outline a bit (notice for example how nothing is cutting through the gap between the W's ). But still, if this is what we're to expect from the promotional material around Wonder Woman in the DCCU, I think we're fine.

Goddamn that poster is cool.

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