Thursday, August 21, 2014

Coming Soon: New Posts. Reviews, No Less.

Sometimes my brain seems to flick an off switch and I go numb for a while. Causing me to be as unproductive as humanly possible, only leaving my bed to eat and shit at times. Hence the lack of new posts for the last months. The same fate hath befallen my Youtube channel, for which I had begun to make several videos that are now left unfinished. Finishing them at this stage will make for ridiculous continuity errors (I would, for example, loose a mustache mid-sentence), so I've decided to type them out and post them here instead (transcribing what I've already filmed and filling in the rest as I go). I'm not saying that the period of nothingness has fully ended, so don't suddenly expect a flood of posts, but I'm typing this and that's a start. A milestone even, in my case. I'm not entirely sure which videos I'll use and which will simply have been a waste of time, but expect at least a TMNT trailer review and a Noah movie review.

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