Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Insignificance of Everything.

Did you ever notice how 'green' organizations all seem to want to save 'the planet'? Yet, when we think about it, that's not at all what seems to be at stake in any case. Take global warming for example. It's happening, sure. But why do we feel the need to pretend the planet gives a fuck what weather it is? Let's be honest here, it's our own asses we're trying to save. Yet we pretend that it is some kind of charity towards mother nature. Why is it that 'save mankind' just does't sound as sexy as 'save the planet'? Maybe it has something to do with the idea of total annihilation getting less and less abstract as our cognitive thinking capabilities progress. I know of one 'end of the world' scare in the time of Rembrand, in 1666. How many of those scares have you witnessed? A lot more, I bet. I don't even count them anymore. Y2K, CERN will create a black hole and suck us all in, that Mayan thing... my point is that we are getting increasingly aware of the fact that it will all end someday. Nothing anyone will ever do will matter in the long run. Even Leonardo Da Vinci will be forgotten some day in the distant future. But hell, why stop there? One way or the other, the human race will cease to be. The passage of time will crumble skyscrapers and erode pyramids. There will eventually be no evidence of our existence left. If some life form where to take our place on Earth after us, it may very well never know we were ever there. We are but dust, a flash of a molecule in the cosmic fastness.

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