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Hopes and Predictions on Man of Steel 2 (in No Particular Order)

Due to my laptop having had a bad case of the funny business, this got posted later than usual. I'd say it's all fixed now, but that might be a tad optimistic ever since that old Gypsy lady cursed my technological skills.

And now, without further ado, here's a quick rundown of things I either hope or expect to see in Man of Steel II. Fasten your seat belts.

Lex Luthor
After all the easter eggs, this would be a bit weird to omit, I'm pretty sure Luthor is going to be in MOSII. Lex Luthor is a perfect narcissist, a description he'll probably have a hard time disliking, since it contains the word 'perfect'. He fancies himself to be the perfect renaissance man, or even the perfect man altogether, actually. He has a strong build, a nicely symmetric face and a mind destined for greatness. He managed to get elected president with a clearly shady past, that's how great of a manipulator he is. In his mind, he has accomplished pure perfection in humanity. If it wasn't for that one guy, that is. Superman, the √úbermensch in flesh and Locke or Epicurus in moral. This, of course, completely clashes with Luthor's self image and the only way to do away with this problem, is to literary do away with Superman. As long as he is alive, Luthor, with all his intelligence, cannot possibly truly find perfection in himself while there is a god amongst men. He must do away with him, so that he may be a god of sorts. Not in deed, but in position.
The biggest question now of course is 'who will play him? '. Well, I, as most people, have no idea. But I'm hoping Michael C. Hall. You know, the Dexter guy. He's got the two faced personality down, he looks menacing, he looks about the same age as Cavill and I think he'll be a believable businessman (I'm guessing they're going with that version, as opposed to the mad scientist version. If fact, I hope they have him running for president at one point. Maybe in the inevitable part III?). Some hardcore fans might actually be against him being in MOSII, since Luthor has already graced so many adaptations, while other kickass super villains are practical strangers to the (non comic book reading-) movie going public. But that doesn't matter because...

Either Brainiac or Doomsday has got to be in this.
To follow up on the utter destruction in the first film, they are going to bring out some goddamn epic villains. There has to be at least one villain that fans have been waiting for for years. A villains that at least matches Zod strength, the stakes must be high. So, who will it be?
Why Brainiac.
Brainiac, or at least the version I'm addressing now, is an alien android. A being in possession of artificial intelligence. Even though he's strong, the main threat of Brainiac often comes from his pure and unspoiled A.I. logic. He is essentially a living supercomputer. But there is more. He is actually responsible for shrinking and stealing Kandor, which is the Capitol of Krypton. Kandor is kept in one of those protective glass bottles (I forgot the actual name for it, will update when I remember). Fun fact: the everyday word 'brainiac', meaning very smart person, actually comes from the name of this character, not the other way around!
Why Doomsday.
'The Death of Superman' is still one of the biggest, most important, most influential, most read comic books of all time. Wanna know who killed him in it? That's right: Doomsday. And what an adversary he is. Doomsday actually collects his powers by getting killed: every time he resurrects, he is immune to the thing that killed him. He starved once, now he doesn't need to eat. He chocked once, now he doesn't need to breathe. You can see how that works out. How do you even beat a guy like that? How can he be beaten at all? Remember, this guy is stronger than Superman, yet immune to Kryptonite, so it's not like you can just lock him somewhere. Punching him into outer space doesn't help, he can live there by now. This would be a tough villain for Superman (and, let's be honest, the writers) and I totally want to see him on the big screen. Who the hell doesn't?

Why not Darkseid?
As every Superman enthusiast knows, Darkseid is an absolutely epic villain too. He definitely deserves a spot in a Superman film someday. So why didn't I include him in the paragraph above? It's mainly because he requires too much backstory for this particular film. The Man Of Steel trilogy will already have it's fair share of story arcs. I just don't see Darkseid being weaved into that. Unless there is a significant amount of build up to him in part II, then he could be kicking ass around in part III.

The warsuit.
Lex Luthor has a iconic suit in the comics that allows him to be strong as fuck. I think that this suit might be the same as Batman might use when fighting Superman. How am I so sure that they will fight? Because the announcement of the movie was made using a quote from The Dark Knight Returns, so yeah.

This one.

The warsuit could be a Kryptonian suit left behind by Zod's crew, only to be used by both Luthor and Batman. Which brings us to...

Holyfuckingshit, you guys! Batman and Superman in one movie! World's Finest is totally happening, after all those years! That is some historic shit right there. We all know who the hell Batman is. There isn't a person on earth who still needs another origin story, so I'm guessing, I'm hoping, there won't be. So, what does a Snyder Batman need? Well, I'm hoping for a worn and rugged Batman, a veteran in crime fighting who comes to show this Superman guy. I think that they will form a fine friendship by the end of the movie, or at least alluding to the beginning of the friendship. Their first meeting however, will not be as smooth.

Yeah Supes, pay attention to the fellow.

Ben Affleck as Batman.
We all know Affleck is going to play Batman by now. When I first read the news, I thought it was a joke. In fact, the thought that it might actually be real didn't even occur to me. I made a somewhat angry, but mostly confused Facebook post, and that was that. The longer the idea of Affleck as Batman lingered around in my head however, the softer the blow got. In time, I'm actually beginning the accept the idea of Batfleck. Every now and then I can see it in my head and think he'll actually be a good Batman. Not that there is any unconditional trust, but there is a definite trust that he might be rocking the part. So there's that. And I don't have to tell the Batfans reading this that it totally all happened before. When Michael Keaton was cast as Batman, the fans went apeshit. And not in a good way. “Fucking Mr. Mom is playing Batman? What the actual fuck is this shit? Is this a joke? Am I having a nightmare right now?”. Batman fans actually took to the streets and started fucking protests, hanging dolls with Michael Keaton's face on in. And then, of course, Keaton went on the become the essential Batman and everybody loved him. Seriously, he went from the most hated man in pop culture to the most beloved man in pop culture overnight. And all it took was one badass trailer. And did we learn anything from it all? Hell no! But maybe we should. Maybe we shouldn't be so fast in judging Affleck. As long as he doesn't have a Boston accent or does his signature pouty face.

Don't you look at me like that Affleck,
you know damn well what I'm talking about.

Kara Zor-El (Supergirl)
I think we've got a good idea of what at least one of her outfits will look like based on the prequel comic. I don't think, however, that they'll cast someone based on her looking like Kara from the comic, so the actress is still anyone's guess. The name AnnaLynne McCord has been thrown around in fan casting, but I don't think I've seen her in anything before, so I've got no opinions about that. But what's stopping you? I mean, I do have a comments section, you know. Who would you like to see as Supergirl? Amber Heard? Jennifer Lawrence? Yvonne Strahovski? Katia Winter? Maggie Grace? Emily Browning? Laura Vandervoort even?

Carrol Farris/Star Sapphire
If Carrie Farris actually turns out to be Carol Ferris (although I'm not sure why they would have gone with the name change then) it's not hard to imagine her story arc continuing and growing in MOSII. She might even get to be Star Sapphire at some point. I'm quite curious concerning her outfit if she does, as I don't think Warner would go with this:

In case you have a hard time telling them apart,
she's the one with the blatant fanservise.

Wonder Woman.
She's not going to be in this movie, but she'll better appear in some way or another after it. It's really about time. So what do I want to see in MOSII? Some kind of easter egg or nod hinting at least at the existence of Wonder Woman in this universe. Side note: Lucy Lawless, Gina Carano or Bridget Regan as WW please.

This lady needs a blockbuster, like, yesterday.

Lana Lang
Remember Lana Lang in MOS? She's that girl in Clark's class that later recognized him as Superman. I'd like to think that she'll take a certain stance on Superheroes in the media, similar to her antics in The Dark Knight Returns after realizing that Clark is one, only with a more DCAU appearance. Maybe she's a little on the fence at the beginning, but then the Batman stuff happens. Whatever the case, I don't think we'll see any Insect Queen anytime soon. That's a good thing by the way. There could, of course, be a Insect Queen easter egg. That would be pretty cool.

Outro stuff.
Remember, in the end I know as little about this movie as anybody else. I'm not even sure how educated my guesses are. Not very, I'm guessing (...wait). It's fun to speculate, but let's not confuse enthusiast guesses with actual information (I'm looking at you, everybody that reported on Bryan Cranston being Lex Luthor, even though that was obviously a rumour). We do have some solid information, but even that might be misleading. We just don't know how the movie is going to be, until we see it. So even discussing Ben Affleck's Batman at this point just might be, well, a bit silly.

What did I just say about faces, Affleck?

And that's that. Yup, that's really it for today. Thanks for reading and I promise, no superheroes next time. In fact, there'll be quite a change of tone, since I'll be talking about Jeremy Wade Delle, the real life subject of the song 'Jeremy' by Pearl Jam.
See you next Monday!

-The Kryptonian Crayon.

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